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Web Design

Planning Your Website

The internet has changed rapidly over the past couple of years and, despite the failure of many prominent ventures, it has established itself as an important business tool.

Hard lessons have been learned, the most important of which is that sound planning is just as important for a website as it is for any other aspect of business.

Your Business on the Web

These days, anyone can have a website. But for your e-business or e-commerce site to be successful you need to decide exactly what you want the site to achieve and how it will integrate with the rest of your operation:

These are the questions you need to consider before looking into the design and implementation of your site. There are many resources to help you, some of which are listed in our Useful Links section

Your Customers

With a huge potential audience on the web, it may be tempting to try to appeal to as many people as possible. But web users have proven to be extremely fickle. If a site does not appeal to them directly or offer what they are looking for they will move on to another. So it pays to research your target audience:

You may already have conducted research into your customer base, or you may be able to find research conducted by other companies. In any case, gather as much information on your target audience as you can, and focus you efforts on their needs and expectations.


Once you get to the design and implementation stage, there is a whole new series of questions to answer. How will you handle:

Once again, there are a large number to resources to help you. This is also where we come in - we are able to advise on all aspects of website design and implementation. Contact us for a free consultation.